Creating access to the art of photography for young people with disabilities

Acronym: Photo Youth


Web: in the process

Total Budget :            293028,00 EUR

EU Funding:   259015,20 EUR

Duration (dates) : 2012-01-18   - 2013-07-18

Lead Partner:

Education, Culture and Sports Department , Riga City Council

Project Partners:

N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov Art College of Pskov District (Russia)

Centre of complex social services for citizens "Vyborg" (Russia)

Regional non-governmental organization “Petersburg Parents” (Russia)

Administration of the municipality “Vyborg region” of Leningrad district (Russia


Key words: Cooperation in spheres of culture, sport, education, social and health



Former Soviet countries including Latvia and Russia still lack equal opportunities for all inhabitants to get additional education thereby rising their competitiveness in labour market. Skills to take photos and treat them by using computer software can foster integration of young people with disabilities in society and give them new chance of development.The project aims to contribute to improving the living standards in the Programme area, and more specifically - promoting people to people cooperation towards social inclusion and against discrimination.

To achieve this, Partners will organize teachers’ seminars to exchange the experience and elaborate new teaching method of art of photography for young people with different kind of disabilities. The photographers-experts’ consultations will be organized in each partner city. The joint summer Photo camp will be organized to exchange teaching methods and achieved results.Final conference and local dissemination events are targeted at mainstream and special educators of arts that might use the results of project, as well as policy-makers and other stakeholders benefiting from the project. Project web page, travelling exhibition and information in the mass media is targeted to all groups.