The project anchors on the priorities of cooperation defined in the “Guidelines for the Nordic Council of Ministers’ cooperation with North-West Russia for 2009-2013” (“promotion of economic cooperation and trade”); KBNP programme (areas of public administration and business development) and the EU Baltic Sea Region Strategy (“prosperous region with increased trade and more innovative companies").


Background to the Project :

This project builds on the BEN and BEN-East and the NotaBENe (Preparatory action) project – three projects, which united authorities, NGOs, business organizations, and international organizations with cross-border co-operation working in the Baltic Sea Region and Barents Region.


Duration of the project: December 2010 – August 2013 (32 months)


Budget (DKK)


Project in total:           3.768.154  DKK

NCM financing:         2.637.415 DKK

Network co-financing: 1.130.739 DKK


Council of Europe (Directorate for Democratic institutions, Department of Local and Regional Democracy and Good Governance)

North-West Russian Academy of Public Administration, St.Petersburg, Russia

Finnish-Russian Cross-Border University, Joensuu, Finland

Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce

Association “Council of municipalities of the Republic of Karelia”, Russia

Administration of Vyborg region municipality, Leningrad region, Russia

Petrozavodsk State University

Murmansk Humanities Institute, Russia

Regional economic development Agency, Kaliningrad, Russia

Pskov State Polytechnic Institute, Russia

University of Tromso, Norway

Copenhagen Business school, Denmark

Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation, Tartu, Estonia

Municipal Training Center, Kaunas, Lithuania


Overall objective

The purpose of the project is to promote cross-border economic cooperation between local and regional authorities, business community and high education institutions (HEI) in the Baltic Sea and Barents regions, with a focus on rural and peripheral territories.



  • To create a Virtual NotaBENe Platform

The Virtual NotaBENe Platform is a database which will contain various tools for enhancement of competences of the main groups of stakeholders of cross-border economic cooperation (training courses, MA/BA courses, manuals, guidelines etc.) and the Council of Europe’s Capacity Building Tool Kit.


  • To create a network between the project partners for the exchange of knowledge and best-practice examples in rural cross-border regions

The network is established by using the Virtual NotaBENe platform for exchange of knowledge and through trainings, thematic seminars and study tours on the small and medium business cooperation across the border.


  • The Virtual NotaBENe platform will be used by project partners for specific cross-border small and medium business competition projects

The competition will be organized by the Council of Europe awarding the best project ideas as a result.